Tips to Stay on Top of Your Studies

Tips to Stay on Top of Your Studies

We are one month into the school year, and many students at this stage already feel like they are falling behind. Particularly for students that take multiple math and science courses, on top of other academic courses, it can be challenging to keep up with the volume of work that is required. With this in mind, it is crucial to ensure that you do not fall too far behind, as before you know it, it will be time to review for midterms. To help students stay on top of things throughout the year, here are three tips:

1) Establish a Daily / Weekly Schedule

It is much easier to stay on top of your studies if you devote a certain amount of time each day to practicing and studying. Even 1-hour, each day can go a long way in helping a student to stay on top of their courses. Make it the first hour after school, or the first hour after dinner so you can take a bit of a break when you first get home. Either way, set aside a particular time each day that you can stick to.

2) Make a Calendar for Quiz and Test Dates

Often, students start to fall behind once the first quizzes and tests start being administered. Students forget about them, or simply neglect to study for them until a day or two before, and then spend all of those two days studying for that particular quiz or test. During those two days, they are not working on any other course work, so although they were prepared for the one quiz, they fall behind in their other courses. This creates a cycle of falling behind and playing catch-up that can be challenging to overcome. To help limit this, buy a big wall calendar, and hang it somewhere that you can see it everyday. Then, when new quizzes or tests are scheduled, add them to the calendar. This way, you can always see what’s coming up, and give yourself adequate time to prepare for upcoming quizzes and tests, without needing to fall behind in other subjects.

3) Give Yourself Ample Time to Study

As described above, many students wait until the day before, or two days before to start studying for quizzes and tests. This leads to students spending ALL of those 1 or 2 days studying for one subject, and during that period, neglecting other subjects and ultimately falling behind. This is also not the most effective way to prepare for a test, as it can take 3-4 days of solid practice for things to sync in. With this in mind, I would suggest that students give themselves 1 week to study for any quiz or test. Study a little bit each day, while still working on other subjects. This will ensure that you retain all of the things you are studying for your exam, and will also ensure that you do not fall behind in other subjects while you are preparing.

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