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Science in grades 8, 9, and 10 are some of the most important courses in high school. They are a student’s first introduction to core science topics, and they also help build the foundation that is required to succeed in future science courses. Our programs ensure that students leave these introductory courses with the fundamental skills required in future science courses, and also develop an interest and appreciation for the content so that students feel confident and excited about taking additional science courses.

Start Science Off Right

Science courses in grades 8, 9, and 10 are very important in a student’s high school career. They provide the fundamentals that are key to success in future chemistry, physics and biology courses, and help students decide which science courses to pursue further in grades 11 and 12. With this in mind, it is important to develop a strong base in these topics, in order to succeed in, and ultimately enjoy, future science courses.

Our science tutoring programs make science easy to understand and fun to study! In this way students accomplish three key things in their early science studies:

They Form a Strong Understanding of Basic Science Concepts

Many of the concepts presented in early science classes are important fundamentals for future science courses in high school. Having a strong understanding of these concepts is important if students choose to take more science courses, and our programs ensure that students feel confident and comfortable with these base concepts.

They Perform Well and Build Confidence Along the Way

Confidence is vital to success in science courses, so it is important that students feel a sense of accomplishment while they progress in their educational careers. Success in these courses will give students the confidence that they need to continue taking more science courses as they move through the later years of high school.

They Learn to Love Science

Our science tutors make the content approachable and fun, which encourages students to enjoy the process of learning science. This motivates students to take more science courses in the future, and makes it more likely that they will enjoy those courses as well.

Courses We Support

Below is a list of some of the Science courses that we support:

Science – Secondary / High School

Science 8
Science 9
Science 10

Our tutors can support a variety of science courses, including many courses that are not listed above. Contact us if you are looking for tutoring support for a course that you do not see listed above.

Our goal is to get students off on the right foot with science, and to do that, we offer 2 science tutoring programs: 1-on-1 tutoring and our Math and Science Tutoring Centre.

Contact us for more information on our programs, and to find out which one is best for you!

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