What Can I Do to Get Ready for the Fall Semester?

What Can I Do to Get Ready for the Fall Semester?

Let me start by saying that every student deserves a break during the summer. After 10 months of working and studying hard, students should make sure that they recharge and enjoy their time off, in order to be ready for the Fall Semester. Many students however, do like to use the summer to prepare for the September semester, so that they can be best prepared for their upcoming courses. With this in mind, here are three things that you can do to help prepare yourself for the fall:

  1. Review and Reinforce Key Skills: For the most part, the topics and question types change quite a bit as you move through different math and science courses, but what does carry forward are some of the fundamental skills. Whether it’s factoring a quadratic in math, balancing a chemical equation in chemistry, or performing unit analysis in physics, there are fundamental skills in each math and science course that are important to success in each level of the course. With this in mind, reviewing and reinforcing these fundamental skills is a great way to prepare yourself for the fall semester.
  2. Review and Reinforce Relevant Sections from the Previous Course – In each of the math and science courses, there are always sections of the previous course that are built upon in the following course. Whether its kinematics (from 2D to 3D) in physics, or trigonometry in math (which seems to be a part of every math course), when a topic carries forward into the next course, it is beneficial to review the matching section from the previous course, as those concepts are going to be reviewed and built upon in the next course.
  3. Go Through the First One or Two Chapters of the Upcoming Course – It is common for students to find the first one or two months of the school year the most challenging,  as it is hard to get back into the swing of things, and get back into the habit of weekly studying. That is why I encourage students that want to get a jump on the fall semester to go through the first one or two chapters of the course(s) they are moving into in advance. Read through the chapters in detail, and maybe even work through some problems. This way, when your teacher is going through these chapters in September and October, they will not be new to you, making those first couple of months a bit easier.

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