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Our drop-in program provides students with longer sessions (up to 3 hours), allowing them to invest more time in their Math and Science studies with the support of our tutors. For one low fixed fee per session, students can ask lots of questions, work through lots of problems, and work on multiple subjects in one session, without worrying about any time restrictions.

Truly Flexible Tutoring

Our drop-in program is specially designed to maximize the value that students get from tutoring, while providing the flexibility that today’s students need. The program combines 1-on-1 instruction to teach theory, concepts and problem solving techniques, with allowing the student to practice working through many questions and problems with tutor support. This combination allows students to get the practice and reinforcement that they need in order to feel confident and comfortable with the material. Our drop-in program has two key advantages over other tutoring programs:

Students Don’t Need to Schedule Appointments

We know that scheduling consistent tutoring appointments can be challenging for many students. We also know that students often need support at varying times, when assignments are due, or when quizzes or tests are approaching, so once a week on the same day does not always provide ideal support. We believe that students should be able to access support whenever they need it, without worrying about scheduling issues, so with our drop-in program, there is no need to schedule an appointment ahead of time. Students simply come in when they need help, and can easily fit tutoring into their schedule.

Students Can Have Longer Sessions

We know that 1-hour sessions are not enough for most students to get the support that they need. This is why, with our drop-in program, we do not limit how long a session can be! For an affordable fixed fee, students can access up to three hours of tutoring support in any evening. With longer sessions, students can ask lots of questions and do as many examples as they need to grasp the concepts, and feel comfortable with what they are learning.

We offer a free trial of the drop-in program for all new students that want to give it a try.

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