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All of Sealy Tutoring’s programs are now online! Our online tutoring platform allows students to access all of our programs from any location, using any device.

All of Our Programs are Now Online!

Sealy Tutoring now offers all of its programs online using our online tutoring platform. The platform has a few key features:

  • The ability for students and tutors to see each other during their session.
  • A built in whiteboard that both the student and tutor can use during their session.
  • Tools that allow for the sharing of information, like questions from the student’s workbook.

Using this platform, tutors and students can have tutoring sessions online in the same way that they would have them in-person, while adding the convenience of allowing the student to have their sessions from any location, using their preferred device (computer, tablet, or mobile phone). Below is a list of the programs that we offer online:

1-on-1 Tutoring

For many students, 1-on-1 tutoring provides them with ideal support for their math and science courses. Having consistent, scheduled appointments with a tutor that they are comfortable with, in an environment that they are comfortable in, can provide students with the support that they need to succeed. Regardless of what courses you need support with, or what days and times best suit your schedule, we have experienced, knowledgeable, and fun 1-on-1 tutors available to help you through your math and science courses

Drop-In Tutoring

Our Drop-In Program is specially designed to maximize the value that students get from tutoring, while providing the flexibility that today’s students need. The program combines 1-on-1 instruction to teach theory, concepts and problem solving techniques, with allowing the student to practice working through many questions and problems with tutor support. This combination allows students to get the practice and reinforcement that they need in order to feel confident and comfortable with the material.

Final Exam Review Courses

Our Final Exam Review Courses are the ideal way to prepare for you final exams. During the courses, our experienced instructors will work through the entire course curriculum in detail, explaining key concepts, working through important problems, and filling in any gaps that you have in understanding. By re-teaching the entire course, we ensure that if you missed anything the first time through, you will get it during our review course. As well, our instructors focus on what’s important, spending time on key questions and problems, and helping guide and structure your studying. With our courses you spend time on what’s important, and will be well prepared to write your final!

We have highly experienced tutors that are ready to work with you on any of your math and science courses online.

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