Our Tutoring Process

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We believe that math and science courses are different from other academic courses. Success in these courses is not just about strong topic knowledge, but about strong skills and the ability to apply various problem solving techniques effectively. It’s because we believe that these courses are different that we have developed an approach to tutoring that is specially designed to help students achieve their goals in math and science courses.

A Process That Works

Our tutoring process is specially designed to support students with achieving their goals in math and science courses. Math and science courses are not just about understanding theory, they are also about mastering problem solving techniques and applying those techniques to different types of questions. These courses require both a deep understanding of theoretical and abstract concepts, as well as a mastery of problem solving techniques, and our process is specially designed to support students with both of these aspects. Whether its 1-on-1 tutoring, our Math and Science Tutoring Centre, or one of our Final Exam Review Courses, our approach to tutoring includes three key elements:

Presenting and Reinforcing Key Concepts and Theory

In order to solve questions and problems, it is important to understand the underlying theory. Before diving into solving questions, our tutors will present the key theoretical information that the student needs to understand in order to master the problem solving techniques.

Demonstrating Problem Solving Techniques

The biggest difference between math and science courses and other academic courses is the emphasis on being able to apply skills and techniques to solving questions and problems. After we have presented the key theory behind what is being learned, we work through key questions and examples that demonstrate the key elements that the student needs to understand, and the key techniques that the student needs to master.

Reinforcing Problem Solving Techniques

Once we have worked through key examples with the student, it is time for them to start reinforcing these techniques. Success in these courses requires practice and repetition. It requires being comfortable with a variety of question types, and being able to solve both easy and hard questions, and our programs focus on providing the student with the opportunity to practice these techniques with our support, so that they are confident and prepared to apply those techniques during quizzes, tests and exams.

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