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We call physics the “mathy” science, as success in these courses requires that students be able to solve complex questions and problems using core mathematical skills. Our support for these courses focuses on reinforcing BOTH the physics and the underlying math, so that students can feel confident in their ability to solve even the most challenging physics questions.

The “Mathy” Science

For many students, physics is the most challenging science topic in high school, as it combines complex concepts with very challenging questions and problems. These questions and problems are even more challenging than those in other science classes as they are very mathematical in nature, which students can find intimidating and challenging. Our physics tutoring programs are designed to give students the time and support that they need to get both the math AND the science of physics. By doing this, students feel comfortable with both the theory and the problems, and are able to move through physics with confidence.

Our physics tutoring programs give students the support that they need to navigate through this difficult topic by providing:

Support with Working Through Questions and Examples

Success in physics courses, much like math courses, depends on doing lots of examples and getting comfortable with the different types of questions, and the different problem solving techniques. Our physics tutoring programs focus on guiding students through different question and problem types so that students feel comfortable and confident solving any question that they might get asked on an assignment, quiz or test.

Reinforcement of Key Math Concepts

Often, struggles in physics are more about struggling with the math than with the actual physics concepts. Our physics tutors specialize in identifying the gaps in mathematical knowledge that a student possesses, and helping them fill those gaps so that they can effectively and efficiently solve problems and answer questions. Building a strong mathematical skill set is key to success in physics courses, so our tutors focus on building that skill set with our students.

Courses We Support

Below is a list of some of the Physics courses that we support:

Physics – Secondary / High School

Physics 11
Physics 12

Physics – College / University

UBC – PHYS 100, 101, 107, 108, 117, 118, 170
Langara – PHYS 1101, 1114, 1118, 1125, 1225

Our tutors can support a variety of physics courses, including many courses that are not included in the list above. Contact us if you are looking for tutoring support for a course that you do not see listed above.

At Sealy Tutoring, we offer 2 physics tutoring programs: 1-on-1 tutoring, and our Math and Science Tutoring Centre.

Contact us for more information on our programs, and to find out which one is best for you!

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