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The building of fundamental math skills is not just important for success in math courses, but it is also important for succeeding in other science courses, as they require mathematical skills to solve questions and problems. Our programs are specially designed to help students build these fundamental skills, and reinforce problem solving techniques, in order to succeed in not just in their math courses, but in their science courses as well.

Fundamental Math Skills

Math is one of the most challenging subjects for students in high school. The skills and techniques that are learned in these courses are also very important for students that want to succeed in other science courses. As a result, it is our most requested tutoring topic, with more than half of our students receiving math tutoring support. Our tutoring programs provide ideal math and pre-calculus tutoring support for students by:

Building Strong Fundamentals

Math is a subject which is constantly building on itself, so having strong fundamental skills is crucial to success. Often times, students struggle with gaps in their skills that limit their ability to solve problems and questions in future units and courses. Our math and pre-calculus tutoring programs focus on building those essential skills so that students can solve problems and answer questions effectively.

Working Through Questions, Even the Hard Ones

In math, being able to solve questions and problems is key to success. Often times, students will get overwhelmed by more difficult questions in assignments and on tests, and this limits their ability to solve these questions. Our math and pre-calculus tutors specialize in breaking questions down into manageable pieces, and teaching students how to solve each piece. By doing this, math seems “doable”, and even the most difficult questions are solvable for a student.

Making Math Tutoring Fun

Many students find math boring, which makes studying difficult. In math, the key to success is doing many questions, and getting lots of practice with difficult problems and problem solving techniques. That is why our math and pre-calculus tutors focus on making the math tutoring process fun and engaging. This helps students spend the time that they need to spend solving questions and working through problems, while having fun doing it.

Courses We Support

Below is a list of some of the Math / Pre-Calculus courses that we support:

Math – Secondary / High School

Mathematics 8
Mathematics 9
Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10
Foundations of Mathematics 11
Foundations of Mathematics 12
Pre-Calculus 11
Pre-Calculus 12

Math – College / University


UBC – STAT 200, 203, 241, 251
Langara – STAT 1123, 1124, 1181

Linear Algebra

UBC – MATH 152
Langara – MATH 2362

Math Assessment Tests

Math Diagnostic Tests (MDTs)
Math Proficiency Tests (MPTs)
Math Competency Tests (MCTs)
Basic Skills Tests (BSTs)
Our tutors can support a variety of math and pre-calculus courses, including many courses that are not listed above. Contact us if you are looking for tutoring support for a course that you do not see listed above.

At Sealy Tutoring, we offer 2 math / pre-calculus tutoring programs:
1-on-1 tutoring, and our Math and Science Tutoring Centre.

Contact us for more information on our programs, and to find out which one is best for you!

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