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As a tutoring company that specializes in math and science tutoring, we strive to provide the best math and science tutoring experience in Vancouver. That means providing flexible, and fun programs that engage today’s student, and help students achieve their goals in their math and science courses.

What Makes Us Unique

Our approach and philosophy around math and science tutoring is very different from other tutoring organizations. We understand that these courses are both challenging and stressful for many students, so we strive to provide programs and services that resonate with today’s student, and provide them with the support that they need. There are three key things that make us unique compared to other tutoring companies:

Math and Science Tutoring is What We Do

Many tutoring companies offer tutors and tutoring programs that support many different subjects, but we only do math and science tutoring. That means that we focus on hiring the best tutors, and creating the best programs to support students with their math and science courses. We understand that these courses are different, and we believe that focusing on supporting these subjects creates the best possible math and science tutoring experience for our students.

Our Programs are Flexible

All of our programs are designed to be as flexible as possible, in order to allow students to access tutoring support whenever and however they need it. Whether you are available during the week, or on weekends we have programs and tutors available to suit your schedule. As well, we do not require the signing of any contracts, or any pre-payment for sessions. That means that students simply pay for the services they use, and can use as much or as little of our services as they need.

We Make Tutoring Fun

We believe that the best way to get students to spend the time that they need to spend working through their math and science courses is to make it fun. Our programs are designed to be engaging for students, and allow them to do the work they need to do in an environment that they enjoy being in, and with people that they enjoy working with.

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