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More than any other science course, chemistry requires a strong understanding of theory, combined with an ability to solve quantitative questions and problems. Our programs focus on supporting both aspects of these courses, and ensure that students have the knowledge and tools required to succeed.

Atoms, Molecules, and How They Interact

Chemistry can be a very interesting subject for many students, as it is in these courses that we first begin to learn how atoms and molecules interact, and why they interact in the ways that they do. Chemistry can also be one of the most challenging courses in high school, requiring students to navigate through many different and complex concepts, so our chemistry tutoring programs are specially designed to provide the support that students need to understand these difficult concepts.

In particular, our chemistry tutoring programs provide:

The Right Balance of Theory and Problem Solving

Success in chemistry courses requires a strong balance between understanding theory and applying problem solving techniques. That is why our chemistry tutoring programs are designed to guide students through both of these aspects of chemistry, and provide students with the tools that they need to succeed. This means being able to solve both theory questions, as well as problem solving questions.

Help with Complicated Chemistry Labs

Much of the learning in chemistry courses happens by doing labs and writing lab reports. These lab reports can be long, and the analysis required to complete them can be challenging. From a learning perspective, it is important that students work through and completely understand these labs as they form a large part of the learning in the course. Our tutoring programs focus on supporting students with working through their labs thoroughly and making sure they understand everything that they are meant to learn.

Courses We Support

Below is a list of some of the Chemistry courses that we support:

Chemistry – Secondary / High School

Chemistry 11
Chemistry 12

Chemistry – College / University

UBC – CHEM 111, 121, 123
Langara – CHEM 1114, 1118, 1120, 1220

Our tutors can support a variety of chemistry courses, including many courses that are not listed above. Contact us if you are looking for tutoring support for a course that you do not see listed above.

At Sealy Tutoring, we offer 2 chemistry tutoring programs:
1-on-1 tutoring, and our Math and Science Tutoring Centre.

Contact us for more information on our programs, and to find out which one is best for you!

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